Constant Dull Art

Press Release

Selected Works:

Impossible Sculptures, 2009
A series of prints created with Star Wars TSG program (fan film software)
Archival Inkjet Prints
30 cm x 45 cm each

BN6TPIfUzNU and 5L-nwmmomOU, 2008
Video stills taken from „youtube as a subject“
Archival Inkjet Prints framed in portfolio boxes

Sunshine 1, 2, 2008
The sun digitally removed out of found sunset pictures
Archival Inkjet Prints
30 cm x 45 cm each

Calibrate, Celebrate, 2009
Found color calibration chart with discolights
Dimensions variable

Poser, 2007
Live chroma key over creative commons group pictures taken from
Single channel video on DVD

Stabilized Earthquake, 2008
security camera footage Sichuan earthquake of 2008 digitally stabilized and put back on youtube as a response . Installation version with security cam copying the movements of the original video simultaneously
Single channel video on DVD

Forever and ever, 2007
2 webpages continuously redirecting to each other
Html, server, personal computer, screen
Dimensions variable, 2008
The Antonioni movie blown up to a size 10 times too big for the browser
Html, server, laptop
Dimensions variable