Michael Jackson Doesn't Quit: Part 3

Featured Artists:
Claude Closky
Paul B. Davis
Jason Lazarus
Duncan Malashock
Dylan Reece
Ryder Ripps
Timur Si-Qin

One year after the opening of the first exhibition and 10 months after his death, the third installment of the series of exhibitions featuring works related to the entertainer and social phenomenon, Michael Jackson. His music, performances, and media coverage have had a poignant, bizarre, and fascinating resonance in contemporary society. He is simultaneously hated and worshiped, idolized and demystified. There are few people who haven't been affected by the "King of Pop" in some dimension or form; he is truly an unforgettable character.

Curators Mike Ruiz and Ben Aqua have selected a group of talented, emerging as well as established artists to investigate their unique observations and aesthetic decisions surrounding the complex being that is Michael Jackson. The resulting works are insightful and sincere, varying across several mediums -- from works on paper to multimedia installation.


The Michael Jackson Doesn't Quit exhibition series is sponsored by:


View Paul B. Davis's work on German television,
via ARD Teletext, page: 841

MJ, 2006
Teletext page

View Claude Closky's work, Michael Jackson

View Ryder Ripps' work, I Just Can't Stop