Moonwalk, 2008
Martin Kohout
Youtube generated video
2 min 20 secs

Forecast, 2011
Anne de Vries
5 min 4 secs

Anhedonia, 2007
Aleksandra Domanovic
The audio content from Woody Allen’s Annie Hall (1977) is superimposed onto stock still and moving images from the Getty Images archive.
90 min

Turbo Sculptures, 2010
Aleksandra Domanovic
18 min 29 secs

Re: Deepwater Horizon offshore rig fire, 2010
Constant Dullaart
Original U.S. Coastguard recording of Deepwater Horizon Oil platform fire, with every video frame 'Healed' completely by Adobe Photoshop's "Spot Heal" brush.
2 min 14 secs

A Conversation with Jon Rafman, 2009
Jon Rafman
18 min 1 sec

Forever (Heat Death), 2009
1 min 43 secs

Displacement, 2010
Spiros Hadjidjanos
3 min 20 secs