Opening: Friday, August 5, 7 - 10pm
On view: August 6 - August 13

The name - and premise - of this exhibition derives it's origins from a conversation between co-curators Adan De La Garza and Nicholas O'Brien during a recent punk show they attended in Denver. Both artists couldn't help but notice that they were both by all ordinary appearances the oldest audience members and realized that they would never be able to interface with the culture of a punk community in the way that the younger population of the crowd seemed to revel in. In the midst of this realization, both artists also realized that within the context of a punk show they might be beyond their prime, but within an art world context they were just coming into their own. The shifting and reconciliation between both contexts informs the platform of this show. The works within Youth Culture attempt to simultaneously interface with the recent past beyond one's reach and the future prospects of critical self-awareness.


Manuel Buerger
Stephanie Davidson
Adan De La Garza
Tobias Fike
Danny Martin
Alexandra Gorczynski
Jason Lazarus
Nicholas O'Brien
Billy Rennekamp