Brad Troemel: Interventions

Open Hours:
Friday, June 13, 6 - 10 pm (Opening Reception)
Saturday, June 14, 4 - 8 pm
Sunday, June 15, 11 am - 4 pm (Closing Reception)

The Future Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of new work by Brad Troemel, entitled Interventions. This exhibition marks both the first international and solo showing of this prolific young artist's career. Interventions features new work conceptually oriented around altering or intervening with appropriated source material, such as images found online, television and video footage taken from youtube.

Physical, social and cultural phenomena are at the core of Troemel's creative exploration. By remixing fundamental aspects of common imagery and pop symbolism he challenges the assumed associations surrounding these subjects and consequently their temporality within a historical context. Thus resulting in layered and reconfigured images which both question and subvert their initial framework.

"It is impossible to view culture from the past without recognition of the fact that what you are viewing is not current. Trends are hyperbolic by nature because everything that defines what is current is often an antinomical response to what came before it. For this reason, no cultural artifact can ever be viewed as timeless. Attempts at predicting future cultural norms in the present (think of the 1950's vision of the robot maid and hover car) look just as dated as things which were of that time."

Brad Troemel (1987) lives and works in Chicago. His work has been exhibited widely throughout the US at such venues as, the New York Photo Festival and NEXT Art Fair in Chicago. He also curates the exhibition space Satin Satan.