Totally Berlin
New Work from the Totally Wreck Collective

Opening Hours:

Friday, April 11 (6 - 10 pm Opening Reception)
Saturday, April 12 (4 - 8 pm)
Sunday, April 13 (11 am - 4 pm Closing Reception)

The FUTURE Gallery is proud to present Totally Berlin, an exhibition featuring new work from the Austin-based artist collective Totally Wreck. This exhibition marks the first European showing of this young group's work. The collective consists of emerging American artists focusing on new media practices. The following are the current members: Ben Aqua, Johnny Cisneros, Mike Ruiz, Mark Hensel, Lanneau White, and David Salinas.

By pushing the limits of neon green screens and DIY costumes the group forces the everyday into a tense hyper-reality through their exploratory imaginations, which transcend time and space. Their zeal for hyper-infinities is manifested in futuristic narratives that portray fantastical characters striving to create alternate identities in the "digital age". Those characters are embodied by the collective's overlapping realities. The work blurs the line between occult sub-culture and futuristic predictions. It draws upon references and to archaic societies melded with technology to form a hybrid understanding of a world to come.

Johnny Cisneros states: "I believe in the unadulterated possibilities of the future and the development of a decisively post-20th century aesthetic and values.  The belief in its ability to broaden man's horizon of possibility of thought, to toss the notions implausibility and the laws of physics aside in an effort to break through barriers of mental, physical and spiritual human possibilities."

The collective was founded and is still based out of Austin, TX. They have shown and performed both collectively and individually throughout the US at the Austin Museum of Digital Art (AMODA), Austin, Okay Mountain, Austin, Fusebox Media Festival, Austin, Mass Gallery, Austin, Current Space, Baltimore, and Creative Research Lab, Austin. They will exhibit in an upcoming group show in September at Space 1026, Philadelphia.

Additionally, there will be several special screenings of David Salinas's epic work entitled Age of Omnibeast below are the scheduled screening times throughout the exhibition:

Friday, April 11 (7:30 and 9:00pm)
Saturday, April 12 (6:00 pm)
Sunday, April 13 (2:00 pm)